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Programm / Programm / FixSit - Postural Evolution System

FixSit - Postural Evolution System

Hamburg (übrige ausblenden)

Anmeldung möglich 18-0739 - Compact Course   189,00 € Buchen
So. 11.03.2018  08:30 bis So. 11.03.2018 17:30 Gian Pietro Mainardi
Gabriele Franco



  • World first lumbar pelvic support that changes posture while sitting.
  • Learn how to distinguish sitting postural disorders and how to personalize
  • FixSit for each patient disfunction
  • FixSit is to prevent and avoid low back pain after ours sitting and any other postural problem
  • FixSit is a resource to mantain the correct posture of your patients between Treatments

For Doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths

Course language ENGLISH

The price for the course is 189€ with 1 FixSit included and the course certificate
which allows the participant to place further orders.

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FixSit - Postural Evolution System

Would you like to effectively treat the lumbar problems of your patients even outside your medical studio? With FixSit you can do it. FixSit is the first system in the world that can modify and correct sitting posture with a revolutionary orthosis.
By participating to the FixSit course, you will learn how to adapt and personalize the orthosis on your patients, you can prevent (and /or cure) postural problems. FixSit can be used by anyone: children, adults and the elderly without exception (it can also be used in pathological conditions that require the use of the wheelchair).
Thanks to FixSit you will be able to correct the pathologies associated with Low Back Pain. It takes 8 hours to become a FixSit  specialized Physiotherapist!
FixSit is personalized on each patient in a simple and non-invasive way. The FixSit training course will teach You how to regulate and adjust the orthosis according to your patient needs. In a short time your patients will be able to get the most benefit from your treatment...simply by sitting!

- 08:30 introducing the FixSit method
- 09:30 anatomy of the pelvic region
- 10:30 biomechanics and posturology
- 12:00 osteopathic disfunctions of the pelvic region
- 13:00 lunch
- 14:00 analysis of the posture, tests and explanations
- 16:00 modelling fixsit on each student, team work
- 17:30 questions and course end

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